I've always had a difficult time answering the question "When did you start photography?" I've been unknowingly documenting visual stories since I was gifted my first camera at 13 years old. Although my gear has upgraded quite a bit since then, I still have the same spirit as my 13-year-old self with her new camera -- I approach every photoshoot and wedding with a new, metaphorical lens. I want to create a safe space for you to be your authentic self so that I can tell your story in a way that speaks to who you are.

Although my job is to photograph your biggest moments, I find the most beauty in the small, seemingly insignificant ones. I truly believe the best parts of life are made up of a million of  those little in-between, fleeting moments, and capturing those has become the greatest joy of mine. 

My "why"... 

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Before I transitioned into a full-time wedding photographer, I was doing important work for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, located in Ohio (my home state). Throughout the 6 years I worked there, I learned a lot about the racial disparities in access to green space. People of Color (POC) have historically been made to feel unsafe and unwelcome in nature, and that generational trauma lives on today.

Part of my mission as a photographer is to facilitate healthy experiences in the outdoors. This desire is rooted in the need for diverse and inclusive representation, so that people who look like myself, as well as other POC, can, too, experience the healing power of nature. 

I find inspiration in nature and the incredible landscapes that surround us — from grassy fields and rolling hills, to lush waterfalls and sun-kissed mountains. I'm a firm believer in the healing power of nature, and that green space is a place for all to enjoy, regardless of skin color, nationality, or religion. I let this mantra guide my craft and my work.

Green space is for all

Although I'm based in the DMV, I would love to honor these natural places by documenting your elopement or wedding wherever that may be. 

Growing up in Ohio, the carefree days of playing barefoot in my neighborhood instilled in me a love of nature and a deep appreciation for life's simple joys. Being Palestinian has added layers to my identity, giving me a profound understanding of the importance of preserving your roots. The rich culture, vibrant traditions, and warm familial bonds have shown me that preserving our heritage and memories is a celebration of identity. This belief seamlessly extends into my approach to capturing weddings and families in the DMV area and beyond. 

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